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Helping Medical Exhibit Buyers Find What They Need

History of Medical Illustration and Exhibits

Although history shows evidence of anatomical studies dating back to the ancient Egyptians, anatomy didn't make an true appearance in art until the Renaissance. Before the Renaissance, in the time of Rome, a physician by the name of Claudius Galen had described human anatomy based on the dissections of animals. His anatomical theories were universally accepted and used until the Renaissance.

Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo were among the first artists to study cadavers and record their anatomy in art. Much of Leonardo's work was lost, but a contemporary of Leonardo, Vesalius, produced a body of work known as De Humani Fabrici Libri Septem (De Fabrica) published in 1543. Vesalius was a physician and professor who led the way in the study of cadavers in the 16th century. Vesalius was not an artist so he commissioned Titan's student, Jan Stefan van Kalkar of Flanders, and other artists to create the illustrations in his book. Vesalius worked with these artists to guide their drawings so that they would be accurate and appealing to the tastes of the Renaissance people. Vesalius' book, De Fabrica was the standard anatomy book for centuries until the invention of the compound microscope in the 1600's. The microscope, along with the discovery of X-rays in the 1800's, allowed the anatomy of living people to be studied. Modern anatomical illustrations are based more and more on our understanding of the body through modern imaging techniques rather than studying cadavers alone.

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