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Education of a Medical Illustrator
Many medical illustrators begin their careers with a combined passion for art and the biological sciences. Most medical illustrators have extensive art and science training in their undergraduate studies, with an additional two to three years of graduate studies in biomedical communications. There are five accredited graduate programs in the United States which offer graduate studies in biomedical communications. These graduate programs provide extensive training in illustration, design, anatomy, physiology, computer graphics, animation, and contemporary multimedia. Graduate students also spend many hours in the operating room observing live surgeries and later depicting the surgeries in visual images. The accreditation of these five graduate programs indicates that they meet the standards of the American Medical Association, the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs, and the Association of Medical Illustrators. Instructors at these programs are medical experts and professional medical illustrators who guide the students in sharpening their knowledge of anatomical, medical, and surgical principles.

If you are looking for a medical illustrator that will do a professional and accurate job, choosing a medical illustrator with a Masters Degree from an accredited program will help ensure that you receive knowledgeable service and illustrations that are anatomically correct and rendered well.

Qualifications of a Medical Illustrator
Once medical illustrators finish their professional training they usually go on to work for companies that create medical graphics, or they work as independent contractors and have their own studios. Working with a variety of clients on a variety of projects exposes the medical illustrator to large bodies of knowledge and subject matter and provides valuable experience. Medical illustrations and diagrams found in textbooks are probably the most readily available samples of medical illustrations. Working with a medical illustrator who has worked on several large-scale projects can help ensure that they can provide you with knowledgeable service and refined illustrative talents.

Choosing a Medical Legal Illustrator
When looking for a medical illustrator to create your exhibits, you should look for several things. Check to see if they have a masters degree from an accredited medical illustration program. These degrees will usually be indicated by the letters "MA", "MS", or "MAMS" after their names. Also check to see if they are a certified medical illustrator. If an medical illustrator is certified, the letters "CMI" will usually appear after their names. Cerfitication indicates that the illustrator has met the professional proficiencies as determined by the National Organizations for Competency Assurance and the Association of Medical Illustrators.

When selecting a medical illustrator, you may also want to check to see if they are professional members of the Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI). A professional member of the AMI has more strict requirements than an associate member or a student member. Also, you may want to request samples of work that the medical illustrator has done for other clients in the past, as well as a list of clients that you can contact for references. This will allow you to judge how well the illustrator can solve visual problems and how well he/she works with people.

If you are not sure about the qualifications of a medical illustrator that you are thinking of working with, contact us and we will see if we can provide you with more information on that individual and their competencies.

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